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Half Day of School
Lisa Shettles


Half Day of School

November 12, 2019

Dismissal at 11:20 AM

Lisa Shettles

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Join us for our “All For Books” coin challenge!

More Books = More Reading Minutes!

 Mitten Monday = Pennies

Monday: bring pennies

Fill your mittens with pennies and donate both!


 Tundra Tuesday = Nickels

Tuesday: bring nickels

Wear a Winter hat!


Whiteout Wednesday = Dimes

Wednesday: bring Dimes

Wear White!


Thaw Out Thursday = Quarters

Thursday: bring in Quarters

Wear your coolest thaw out clothes! (tanks, shorts)


 Frozen Friday= Any Coins

Friday: bring any kind of coin

Popsicle Day!


Every cent we raise will help us buy books for our school.

And for every dollar we raise, Scholastic donates

books to a literacy charity!

 All for Books supports charities like Kids in Need Foundation, Reader to Reader, Inc. & National Center for Families Learning.