Case Monitoring Dashboard


Each day, School District 129 works closely with the Kane County Health Department to monitor the local spread of COVID-19 and its impacts on our schools. Our hope is that the following information will provide a transparent picture for our school community, which to date reflects the great strides we are taking to follow health and safety guidelines. This dashboard includes the current number of cumulative COVID-19 positive cases reported since August 13, 2021. Here are a few things to note about the dashboard:

  • For reference, West Aurora School District 129 employs more than 1,700 staff members and serves nearly 12,000 students.
  • The data table below is reflective of total cases. Therefore, if the staff member or student who tests positive is shared between buildings, he/she is only represented in the dashboard once.
  • The data in the chart below references our staff and students who are isolating at home due to a confirmed case of COVID-19. Isolation is a term used to refer to the 10 days after COVID-19 symptom onset. 
  • What the data does not include are our staff and students who are quarantining at home due to close contact with an infected individual. Quarantine is a term used to describe the period spent at home after the most recent contact with the infectious individual. Please keep in mind that an individual can also become a close contact when participating in a family or community event outside of District 129 programming. In the case that an individual under quarantine tests positive for COVID-19, he/she will then enter into isolation and that data will be added to the dashboard.